Rescue Diver Training
Resort Staff - CPR / First Aid
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Rescue Diver Training
Able Rescue trains your watersports and dive staff to perform
effective inwater rescues and to provide first aid and cpr on shore.
Our instructors use PADI, DAN and AHA current training guidelines.

PADI Rescue Diver Course
Prepares you to prevent problems and to manage dive emergencies
      Sessions 1-5 covers
       •Self-rescue and diver stress
       •swimming and non-swimming rescue techniques
       •emergency management and equipment
       •panicked diver response
       •underwater problems
       •missing diver procedures
       •surfacing the unconscious diver
       •in-water rescue breathing protocols
       •diver egress (exits)
       •first aid procedures for pressure related accidents
       •dive accident scenarios
       Current CPR, First Aid and DAN O2 certifications are a prerequisite
       25 hours over 5 sessions
       Includes PADI Rescue Diver Course, Rescue Diver Manual and cert card:

Basic Life Support Course
       CPR & AED for the Professional Rescuer
       Certification Class
       5 hour session
       Includes student workbook, pocket mask and cert card:

DAN Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries
       Essential O2 training for recreational and commercial divers
       Knowledge development and practical skills development
       4 hour session
       Current CPR is a prerequisite
       Includes student workbook, cert card, slate, non-rebreather mask:

DAN Advanced Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries
Advanced O2 training for dive professionals
       3 hour session
       Knowledge development and practical skills development
       DAN O2 course and CPR are prerequisites
       Includes student workbook, cert card, slate and Bag-Valve mask:

DAN On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers
       Learn how to conduct a neurological assessments for injured divers
       Helps with determination of pressure related injuries
       Knowledge development and practical skills development
       3 hour session
       Includes student workbook, slate, and cert card:



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